PSLPD investigating homicide at Savona and Fletcher Lane

PSLPD investigating homicide at Savona and Fletcher Lane

Port St Lucie, Fla- The Port Saint Lucie Police Department is currently investigating a homicide at the intersection of SW Savona Boulevard and SW Fletcher  Lane.

On March 7, 2018, at or around 1:34 P.M., Port St. Lucie responded to a disturbance at the corner of Savona Blvd. and Fletcher Ln. Upon arrival officers found one male deceased lying next to a truck and another male in the truck with a gunshot wound to the head. The Male in the truck was air lifted to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead.

The investigation revealed a 36 yr. old female was in truck driven by her 30 yr. old boyfriend and was traveling south on Savona Blvd. The two realized they were being followed by the female’s estranged husband, a 56 yr. old male. The two made a left onto Fletcher Lane and backed into a driveway. The husband stopped and the end of the driveway exited his vehicle and approached the truck. The estranged husband shot the boyfriend in the head. The truck was still in drive and the boyfriend’s foot hit the accelerator and went into a side yard across the street and came to a stop up just before hitting the side of the home. The husband walked up to the passenger side and confronted his wife before taking his own life and was pronounced dead at the scene, she was not injured.

The wife was transported and is being interviewed at the Port St. Lucie Police Department. This is an ongoing investigation and the names of the involved will be revealed at a later time.

Update March 8,2018

Port St. Lucie Police investigating a Murder, Suicide at the Corner of Savona Blvd and Fletcher Lane.

Investigation showed JOSH BARRAN 29 years-old of Port St. Lucie was driving his truck Eastbound on SW Gatlin Blvd. His passenger, HEATHER SHAFFER 36 years-old of Port St. Lucie, recognized they were being followed by her husband DONALD SHAFFER 55 years-old. Mr. Barran turned south onto SW Savona Boulevard and then East onto SW Fletcher Lane. Mr. Barran stopped and parked in a driveway. Mr. Shaffer walked to the truck’s driver’s side window and shot Mr. Barran. The truck then accelerated in a northerly direction coming to final rest against the home at 1352 SW Fletcher Lane. Mr. Shaffer followed the truck as it moved and approached its passenger side. He shot himself while standing near the passenger door.

Investigators recovered one .357 magnum revolver from the scene. Two spent shell casings were found within the pistol.

Ms. Shaffer and Mr. Barran were coworkers.

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