PSL Police offer MEETUP SPOT

PSL Police offer MEETUP SPOT.

Port St. Lucie Police Department is offering a  MEETUP SPOT for a smooth and safer online transaction experience.
If you buying or selling through an on-line app this will help make you transaction safer. The area is covered by video recording 24/7.
Port St. Lucie Police has put up “MEETUP SPOT” signs (donated by OfferUp) on the east side of the Police Department parking area close to the Police Headquarters building. Citizens who are conducting internet purchases or exchanges are encouraged to complete their transactions at the Port St. Lucie Police Department. The transactions can either be done outside in the parking lot by the signs or you are welcome to come inside the police station lobby, which is staffed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

PSL Police offer MEETUP SPOT

PSL Police offer MEETUP SPOT


December 7, 2016  a Let Go app transaction that went bad. This crime could have been avoided if the transaction was conducted at the police station. If you are planning on conducting an online transaction and arrange to meet at the Police Department, the criminal will either not show or try to convince you to make the meeting place at a different location. If this occurs, be weary and do not do business with this person.

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