PSL Couple Arrested on child neglect charges

PSL Couple Arrested on child neglect charges

Port St. Lucie couple arrested and 15 year old daughter removed after police find them living in deplorable conditions.

Port St. Lucie Police arrested Regina Shiner and James Dorian Swirsky on January 31, 2017. The charges were child neglect after police found them living with their 15 year old daughter and an adult daughter living in deplorable conditions.

The investigation began on January 31, 2017, when police were called to the 1100 block of SE Ladner Street. They were there to assist Department of Children and Families with an investigation.  The complaint came in stating that a 15 year old girl had missed 37 days of school this school year.  The mother would not take her to school.

Once on scene police met with the 15 year old girl.  They were able to view the living area of the residence.  Police noted that there were several cats roaming the interior of the house. They could smell a strong odor of urine.

The officer observed the entire house to be in deplorable conditions with trash, animal feces and bugs covering the majority of the home.  The home did not have potable water and the bathroom was unusable and the bathtub was filled with blackish waste water.

Port St. Lucie Animal Control responded to the residence and removed 13 cats.

DCF removed the 15 year old girl, who was relocated and placed with a family member.  The adult child of Shiner left the residence to stay with a friend as Shiner and Swirsky was arrested and taken to the St. Lucie County Jail for booking.

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