PSL: Beware of Fake Postcards

Beware of Fake Postcards

Port St Lucie residents might have received a series of post cards mailed to them. They claim that the water quality is compromised.

Port St Lucie Utility Systems is now sending out a warning in response to these cards. It is informing residents that the cards are not coming from the city and instead are coming from private companies.

The cards claim that excessive rainfall is affecting the water supply, and suggest scheduling an appointment to have someone test your water.

Those tests are then conducted by a sales rep, who tries to persuade you to buy a water softening or filtration equipment.

According to Port St Lucie Utility Systems the water is clean and safe. The Annual Water Quality Report is available online.

If you got one of these postcards email a photo to so we can share it with everyone.

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  • Posted 7 years ago

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