Protest planned in Martin County  over Mask ordinance

Protest planned in Martin County  over Mask ordinance

Martin County, Fl ( A protest is being planned in Martin County over whether or not residents should have to comply with the county’s new mandatory mask mandate.

The event will take place on Saturday July 11 on the corner of US 1 and Monterey Rd from 9-11.

The organizer, Brittney Mozingo, said this on the event page.” Brittney Mozingo Not at all. Masks are not truly the issue that we’re experiencing. We are experiencing an overreaching government that is acting unconstitutionally. The purpose of this protest is to make a statement that WE THE PEOPLE have the power and we will not accept this slow decline into tyranny.”

Here are the detail of the event:

“We the People of Martin County experienced a gross overreach by our county government officials this week. They are in place to represent us and to protect and safeguard our freedom, and they did neither of those things by enacting a mandate that was against the wishes of the people of Martin County. This mandate is unfounded, unconstitutional, and directly violates our rights as American citizens.

This will be a peaceful protest! We will be gathering on the SE corner of US-1 and Monterrey at 9am on Saturday, July 11th. Please bring water, sunscreen and SIGNS expressing how you feel. Invite, invite, invite everyone you know! Let’s make a stand for constitutional government, for personal liberty, for freedom!”

Here is a link to the event.


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