Proof Positive: Why You Should Keep Naked Baby Pics Private

Proof Positive: Why You Should Keep Naked Baby Pics Private

Jaw dropping realization about online searches and the demand for explicit child photos

Faceless unknown unrecognizable anonymous man with digital tablet computer browsing internet.

Faceless unknown unrecognizable anonymous man with digital tablet computer browsing internet.

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Dear Parent,

Please bear with me as I walk you through my own personal experience in discovering the huge and sick online demand for images of child exploitation.

In 2014, I wrote a blog article entitled, “Child Safety: Stop Posting Naked Photos of Your Kids” (… posted on as “3 Reasons to Keep Naked Baby Pictures Private“). It got sort of decent engagement, few shares, and fewer comments. In general it was pretty much ignored and the overall feedback I received was underwhelming to the point of being disappointing.

“Why isn’t anybody noticing this important article about keeping kids safe?” I’ve been thinking to myself over the course of the past year.

That is until I realized recently that there were many, many people noticing this article.

And upon this discovery my heart sank immediately, my vision blurred, my ears started ringing, and I got about as close as one can get to vomiting without having to run to the toilet. It was proof positive of why you should keep naked baby pics private!

How do search engines work?

Let me start off by explaining what a search engine query is, in case you don’t know. Each time you visit Google, or Bing, or Yahoo, and type a series of words into the search engine browser, you create a search engine query. Different than keywords, queries are the exact sequence of words (misspellings and all) that you type into that white box. Some recent examples of my personal queries: “Female owned businesses in Austin Texas,” “Innovative shoulder mobility exercises,” “How late is the Valencia post office open until.”

The search engine then tries to decide what information you’re looking for and sends you a list of websites it thinks are the best fits for your search engine query. How does it determine which pages are best? It’s complicated, but one of the ways is by matching the titles of pages (articles, blogs, website home pages, etc.), and content of pages, to the words in the query. So if someone queries, “Jarrett Arthur self-defense,” Google, or whatever they’re using, will send them a link to my website because it’s the best match.

I was shocked to learn…

As a website owner and Google analytics customer, I have access to a report on the top search engine queries created by other people that are determined to be a match with my site, or pages on my site. Below is a screenshot of an actual report I just pulled from my website data. It shows 34 commonly used search engine queries that people have entered into their browsers that their search engines have determined my website is the best match for…


So, in case you’re lost and not understanding what’s happening here, let me spell it out. Of all the ways that search engine users on the Internet find my website through queries, the above 34 commonly used phrases from around the world are among the most prevalent. Because of the words in the title of my blog post on NOT posting naked photos of kids, which contains words associated with these queries above, Google and other search engines send these query creators to my blog post. Each entry does not represent one single query… each entry represents multiple queries, of which these are the most frequent.

A sexual predator feeding frenzy…

Are you still with me? Pedophiles scour the Internet looking for naked photos of children. They get sent to my website because of the words I used in my blog post, but even if your photo does not use “naked” in the caption or in the surrounding content, search engines can still flag your photo as the best match for these queries and send your pics directly to someone who has entered “naked child photos” or something similar into their search engine.

I beg of you, STOP posting cute naked baby pics!

If you are a parent or relative who posts photos of your child in various stages of undress, or completely nude, it is imperative that you stop doing this immediately! This is not some fear mongering article I’m writing to get attention, this is a desperate plea, based on facts, to no longer supply pedophiles with unlimited material.

It is disgusting to think that when we post innocent photos of children in bathtubs, running through the sprinklers, playing in the backyard pool, or enjoying the beach, that child abusers are actively hunting for our pictures online, but this is the reality of the world that we live in.

If you wouldn’t post the exact same picture of yourself online, do not post it of your children. Keep nude child photos private and protect our kids!

As for me, should I pull the article? Hell no. Let these despicable human beings continue to find me, my website, and these articles.

1About Jarrett

Jarrett Arthur provides customized self-defense training and education to women, kids and parents. She created M.A.M.A. Self-Defense, a revolutionary system designed for moms that focuses on how moms can protect their children during violent encounters, as well as what and how to teach kids about personal safety. One of the highest ranking female black belts in Krav Maga in the U.S., Jarrett has been featured as a self-defense expert on “Ellen”, “Access Hollywood”, “Good Day LA”, “The Kris Jenner Show”, KTLA Fox News, in Fitness Magazine, The NY Times, and more. Learn more about Jarrett at


Chance-and-GK-2013-04-26About Ginger

Working to improve the world one child at a time, Ginger has made it her life mission to raise awareness of the world-wide epidemic of child abuse. An impassioned child advocate, trainer, speaker and child forensic interviewer, Ginger regularly blogs about child protection issues and has released a report for parents and other caring adults, “10 Scary Apps.” Ginger can be contacted via her website “Ginger Kadlec: BeAKidsHero™” at or find her on Facebook at

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