Prepare Your Animals for Potential Flooding from Tropical Storm Erika

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Prepare Your Animals for Potential Flooding from Tropical Storm Erika


With the possibility of flooding rains late this weekend into early next week, Palm Beach County is urging animal owners to make preparations now. The Animal Care and Control division has the following suggestions for animal owners:

  • Residents in rural areas should make special preparations for the safety of livestock and pets in the event of heavy rainfall associated with Tropical Storm Erika.
  • Residents with horses and other livestock should have a pre-storm plan that includes movement of animals to high ground. This should be done in advance if heavy rainfall is predicted.
  • Livestock such as chickens are especially vulnerable and preparations for their safety should include moving the birds or the coops to high ground with shelter provided to protect from rain.
  • Residents should work together with neighbors in developing plans for rural livestock safety.
  • Fences and pens should be checked now, and repaired and strengthened to avoid the risk of livestock escaping onto roadways.
  • Horses should have owner identification affixed to halters.
  • Heavy rain can bring standing water which could result in residents seeing native and non-native wildlife in closer proximity to homes and livestock. Use caution and do not approach wildlife. Be diligent and watchful for alligators and snakes as any rising water facilitates movement of such reptiles.
  • Lay in supplies now for animal food and fill containers such as large barrels with fresh water in advance.
  • Purchase mosquito and bug repellent for humans, pets, horses and other livestock in advance as heavy rain will result in an increase in mosquito activity.


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