Police Looking for Suspect Stealing Items From Lowes

Stuart Police are looking for a suspect seen on a video helping himself to Dewalt Tool Kits and Husqvarna chainsaws at a Lowe’s Store.

To date, he has stolen nearly $5000 worth of merchandise.

He operates with a partner as the escape vehicle pulls in front of the store after he grabs the items and exits. He must call his partner in crime on his phone from the store, or their timing is impeccable. Either way, Stuart Police look forward to meeting both of them very soon.

Each visit the suspect uses a different getaway car. He has used a blue 2-door Honda Civic, an older model white Crown Victoria, and a black sedan with an unknown make and model.

If you know the identity of the suspects, please contact Officer Ted Fitzgerald at 772-287-1122.


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  • Posted 9 years ago

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