Plastic Straws banned in Stuart

Plastic Straws banned in Stuart

Stuart, Fl- Plastic straws have been banned from the City of Stuart. The measure passed 5-0.

The first plastic straw ban on the Treasure Coast would start next year, but wouldn’t go into full effect until 2021.

The straw ban has been discussed at length throughout the year, with little opposition.

The new law states that starting next year, no restaurant can display or offer plastic straws to their customers. However, straws would be available upon request and plastic straws can still be handed out at drive-thrus.

In 2021, no straw of any kind will be allowed to be displayed, and only non-plastic straws will be offered to customers upon request. Drive-thrus will have to begin using only non-plastic straws.

Warnings will be issued in 2020 to help raise awareness of the new law. In 2021, first-time violators will receive a $25 fine. A second violation would be $50. Violations after that would range from $50 to $1,000. 

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  • Posted 5 years ago

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