Pest control company entered a guilty plea and will go to prison

Pest control company entered a guilty plea and  will go to prison

U.S. attorneys say McCaughey was poisoned by Sunland Pest Control company.

Peyton McCaughey

Peyton McCaughey

The owner of a  pest control company and employee entered a guilty plea in Federal Court, a move that will send them to prison. This comes months after a termite treatment left then 10-year-old Peyton McCaughey brain damaged, unable to speak or walk. U.S. attorneys say McCaughey was poisoned by Sunland Pest Control company, when the owner and pest technician failed to properly treat and clear the home of chemicals last August. The McCaughey family fell ill, and were treated for exposure, but Peyton ended up in the ICU, unable to move. Former Sunland Pest technician Canarie Curry and Sunland Pest owner Grenale Williams both faced federal criminal charges for using a pesticide incorrectly–and then lying to investigators about it when Peyton was hospitalized. Williams and Curry appeared in federal court in Fort Pierce on Thursday. According to his attorney, Curry entered a guilty plea in exchange for reduced misdemeanor charge and a year in prison. The pest company owner may get a year in prison for his role in the poisoning, since a Congressional law only allows for that much penalty for the pesticide abuse. The pest control defendants will be back in federal court on May 11, to be sentenced.

Peyton continues to fight back. He is walking and working with a team of speech, occupational and physical therapists. Peyton’s family has a civil lawsuit seeking damages underway to help fund his recovery.

Our thoughts and prayers are always with Peyton and his family.

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