Peaceful Rally for Corey Jones

Corey Jones

Corey Jones

The eyes of the nation were watching and participating Thursday at a peaceful protest that was held in Palm  Beach Gardens to oppose the fatal shooting of Corey Jones.

The city provided a podium and microphone and accommodated a variety of speakers at the demonstration. The city stated that it acknowledges the grief the family and many in the community are feeling.

The attorneys for Jones stated he was shot three times by an undercover police officer who never showed him a badge.

Jones was shot about 3:15 a.m. Sunday after his Hyundai Santa Fe broke down near Interstate 95 and PGA Boulevard. Palm Beach Gardens Police said Officer Nouman Raja, 38, spotted what he thought was an abandoned car and parked just behind Jones. They said Jones’ body was found 80 to 100 yards away from his car, with his gun ending up somewhere between him and the vehicle.

Jones was approached by the officer who was wearing plain clothes and in an unmarked car. It is reported that some kind of confrontation ensued ending with Jones being shot and killed by Raja who fired six total shots. It has been reported that Jones was armed but did not fire his weapon during the incident.

Jones family said the musician had a concealed weapons permit for his gun, which they said he carried for protection while traveling to and from concerts with expensive equipment and money.

Jones family is demanding answers as to how someone waiting for a tow truck can end up being shot and killed by a plain-clothed police officer.

According to an attorney representing Jones, there may be video footage in the Corey Jones police shooting that authorities haven’t yet disclosed.

This incident has attracted national attention and raised questions about undercover police procedures everywhere.

Jones’ father, while tearing up, said “Today I need some answers, I need to know why.”










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