One person shot, one surrendered in Jensen Beach jewelry store theft

Jensen  Beach, Fl- This morning two 16-year-old black teenagers  left their house in Broward County.

One is now in on life support in the hospital and the other one surrendered and is in police custody.

This is what happened:

According to the St Lucie County Sheriff they are investigating a jewelry store robbery that happened this morning. They believe that both are connected.

Shortly after that another incidence was reported at Treasure Coast Liquidators in the Grenada Plaza in Jensen Beach.

Deputies said they received a call  around 9:52 a.m.

The Martin County Sheriff reported this:

“One suspect shot following jewelry store robbery in Jensen Beach. A second suspect fled, but has been captured by MCSO. The incident occurred at the Granada Plaza along US1. Sheriff Snyder will brief media on details shortly. Please expect heavy delays on the northbound side of Federal Highway in Jensen Beach. This is not an officer involved shooting.”

Over twenty law enforcement, including SWAT, vehicles blocked off the entrance and the roads leading up to the Granada Plaza.

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said one of the teenage boys went into the store, located at 2319 Northwest Federal Highway started trying on jewelry and then ran out of the store with the items on.

There was an employee in the parking lot and he tried to stop the two from escaping and his hand got slammed in the car door. Another employee came out with a gun and shot thru the back of the car. It is believed that the bullet went through the passenger headrest and into the head of the passenger. This is not confirmed.

The car then pulled out and hit a lawn maintenance truck.

The driver then got out of the car and fled.

He ended up across the street at the Christmas Tree lot at Prince-of-Peace church. He was seen by Sandi  Blankenship who stays at the lot in her bus during the season. At the time she did not know what was going on.
When she realized what was going on she called 911. She described a young black male with a red shirt and a lanyard. She said it was lanyard that you would wear to school.

He had taken off.

The police descended into the area.

photo Sandy Blankenship

photo Sandy Blankenship

photo Sandy Blankenship

photo Sandy Blankenship


They initially mistook  an employee wearing a red shirt at the Christmas Tree Lot for the suspect. Ms Blankenship and her daughter Tiffany  jumped in front of the employee yelling “It’s not him.”


After this incident they all stayed on the bus until the Sheriff’s office came to give them the all clear.

The suspect surrendered at Racetrack.

Sheriff Snyder said in the press conference that this goes on all the time. Young black men come up here from Broward to commit crimes.

This morning two of my friends jumped in front of their friend to defend him.  In the middle of chaos they did not flinch.

This morning two 16-year-old black teenagers left their house in Ft Lauderdale.  They probably said goodbye to their moms who thought they were going to school. They stole a car. They stole some jewelry. One  is on life support. One is in custody. If his friend dies he could  be charged with murder.

This is what happened today in Jensen Beach.








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