Okeechobee “Operation Truck Stop”

Okeechobee “Operation Truck Stop”

Okeechobee,Fla-     Sheriff’s Office received numerous complaints regarding the traffic on Dark Hammock Road/ NE 120 Street and Berman Road/SE 128 Avenue. The complaints were that the commercial motor vehicles (CMV) were passing stopped school busses and that they were also speeding on the stretch of roadway.

“Operation Truck Stop” was conducted beginning on February 19 thru February 26, 2018. During this time (183) vehicles were involved in the traffic stops. The violations are as follows:

(Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV);   Car/Truck Traffic)

Speeding Citations:  35 CMV; 101 Car

Faulty equipment:  11 CMV; 2 Car

Expired D.L.: 0 CMV; 3 Car

Driving While License Suspended:  0 CMV; 3 Car

Drug offense:  0 CMV; 1 Car

Seatbelt Violation:  5 CMV: 8 Car

No proof of insurance:  0 CMV; 1 Car

Failure to maintain a single lane:  1 CMV; 0 Car

Expired registration:  0 CMV: 3 Car

Failure to move over for emergency vehicle:  1 CMV; 0 Car

Failure to exhibit driver’s license:  0 CMV; 3 Car

Failure to stop for school bus:  0 CMV; 1 Car (Motorcycle)

No Tag:  0 CMV; 1 Car

Improper Passing:  1 CMV; 1 Car

Unsecured load:  1 CMV; 0 car

During this operation, two deputies patrolled the area from 5:00 am-5:00 pm for the week; one deputy on the motor unit patrolled from 5:30 am-2:00 pm; two deputies patrolled from 5:00 pm-10:00 pm; two SRO deputies were on a school bus for two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.

Sheriff Stephen stated, “I will continue to work on every area of our county to assure the safety of All motoring Public. I have met with the County Commission and together we are moving forward with additional measures.  We have identified several priorities to work on and implement to assist with traffic enforcement throughout our County.”

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