New “can you hear me” scam alert

New “can you hear me” scam alert!

If you get a phone call from someone you don’t know asking “can you hear me,” You should probably hang up immediately.

A new scam could make you a potential victim if you answer yes. The response is recorded by fraudsters and is used to make unauthorized charges on a phone or utility bill.

According to CBS News you get charged because the person already knows your phone number and phone providers pass through the third-party charges.

It is advised that you check your credit card and cable statements for unknown charges if you believe you may have been a victim.

Disputes for credit card charges can be discussed with the Federal Trade Commission.  Phone bill disputes can be talked about with the Federal Communications Commission.

Police say to avoid this scam:

  • don’t answer calls from numbers you do not recognize
  • give out personal information
  • confirm your number
  •  answer questions over the phone.

And if you think you are being scammed, just hang up the phone.

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