Motorist Avoids Injury After Turkey Smashes Through Windshield

Martin County Firefighters say this motorist did a fantastic job controlling his vehicle after a wild turkey somehow popped-up and smashed through his windshield. It happened on Florida’s turnpike around 4:00am.

The impact forced the turkey between the driver and the passenger and into the back seat. Despite a destroyed windshield, the driver of the car was able to stop without crashing or rolling the vehicle. The driver’s elderly mother was in the passenger seat. Fortunately, neither occupant was injured. The turkey was killed.

This is a reminder that our roadways are full of wild (and sometimes domestic) animals. Although these crashes are often unavoidable, remaining alert at all times is essential.

Last week, MCSO and MCFR worked approximately 45-crashes on our roadways. We have had 30-fatalities within our jurisdiction this year. Please pay attention to the roadway as you drive, slow down, be patient, and understand that our county roads are extremely crowded this year. We truly want everyone to arrive alive.
Martin County Firefighters

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  • Posted 9 years ago

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