Mother and Grandmother arrested and charged in stabbing to 9-year-old by 4-year-old

   Mother and Grandmother arrested and charged in stabbing to 9-year-old by 4-year-old

Port St. Lucie, Fl- 30-year-old Julie Belliard,  (Mother of five children), was arrested and charged with Child Neglect for failure to provide her children with the necessary care, supervision and services to maintain the children’s physical and mental health. 55-year-old Julie Belliard, was aware Marie Pierre left the children home alone.

Marie Pierre (Grandmother of children) was arrested and charged with Child Neglect. Pierre knowingly left five children unsupervised for about thirty minutes. Julie Belliard and Marie Pierre are aware the home they live in with the children is in deplorable conditions and the conditions are unfit for human living.  The 9-year-old boy was treated and released from the hospital. He is in good health; in the custody of DCF.

Police learned Julie Belliard (Mother of the five children) left for work today during the early morning hours and Marie Pierre (Grandmother) knowingly left the five children (ages 3 -9) unsupervised during the afternoon hours, to go pick up Julie Belliard from work.

Prior to Marie Pierre leaving the home, she provided the 9-year-old boy with a cell phone for an emergency.

While the children were home alone; the youngest of the kids grabbed a knife, at which point the 4-year-old girl grabbed it from her and threw it.  The knife hit the television, bounced off the stand and hit the 9-year-old boy on the back of his head causing a ¼” to ½” cut on the back of his head. One of the kids saw that the 9-year-old was bleeding; called for help, but when he called his mother and grandmother (via phone), neither one answered the call.  He then attempted to call police but dialed “991” instead of dialing “911”. At which point he ran out of the house to the neighbors for help.

During the investigation police noticed the children appeared to be unwashed and unkempt; they had several bug bites on their legs. Department of Children and Families conducted an independent investigation and the children have been removed from the home. The Children are currently in the care of The Department of Children and Family.

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