More flight cancellations contine! Use Flightaware!

More flight cancellations contine! Use Flightaware!

Palm Beach County, Fl ( -A full week into the new year and many airline passengers are still crossing their fingers when they head to the airport.

Whether it’s weather or COVID-19, there are still delays and cancellations throughout the region.

There were a total of 23 flights that were impacted on Sunday. Most of them were from Allegiant Air and Southwest Airlines.

According to Flightaware, there were ten flight cancellations at Palm Beach International Airport on Sunday and 13 flights that were delayed. On Saturday, there were 45 delayed flights and six cancellations.

Some of the passengers said they have been trying to book other flights or wait 24 hours until they can fly back home.

According to Flightaware, there are four canceled flights so far on Monday from United.

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