Missing Children located in Michigan

 Missing Children located in Michigan

Port St Lucie, Fl- A Port St Lucie mother and her two children were found safe in Michigan. The story starts Friday when police were called to a home on Fox Squirrel Lane in Port St Lucie. Winston Leefatt is the father and custodial parent to his two sons.

There was a domestic dispute between Winston and the boys’ mother, and he agreed to leave the house to allow the situation to cool down. But when he returned on Sunday he found the mother, Ester, had taken the two boys and left. Winston called police, and Ester and the two boys were later located in Michigan. Police say they and the Florida Department of Children and Families are working together to conclude the custodial rights of either parent. Police said they are seeking a clear interpretation of the court documents. At this time, police said they are not able to determine if a crime has occurred.

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