Missing Boys Boat Now Lost at Sea – Find Austin & Perry


Austin and Perry’s boat is now lost at sea according to the Coast Guard.

They suspended the search for the missing 14-year-old boys last Friday at sunset.

The two teenagers from Tequesta set out to go fishing in the 19 foot boat more than a week ago and never returned

During the week-long effort to find Austin and Perry, the Coast Guard discovered the boat capsized some 67 nautical miles east of Ponce De Leon, Inlet. They lowered a rescue swimmer into the water to check the boat’s registration and to check underneath the boat.

The Coast Guard wanted to keep all its resources on the search for the missing teen boaters and decided against towing the boat back to shore. They dropped a buoy to mark the boat’s location.

On Sunday night, a sea tow crew went out to where the Coast Guard dropped the buoy and the boat was gone.

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  • Posted 9 years ago

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