“Miracle Pig” Jason Retiring to Rooterville

“Miracle Pig” Jason Retiring to Rooterville

Reporters and photographers are invited to visit the Animal Care & Control main shelter on Monday, April 18, for a fond farewell to Jason, the miracle pig.

This porcine has cleared the final round of testing and has been declared free of disease. Jason will be transported to Rooterville, a pig sanctuary near Gainesville, where he will live out his life in “hog heaven” with no worries about the future.

Before Jason hits the road Monday, a photo opportunity is scheduled for 9 a.m. The shelter is located at 7100 Belvedere Road, West Palm Beach.

What:  farewell to Jason, the miracle pig

Where: PBC Animal Care & Control
7100 Belvedere Road, WPB

When: Monday, April 18        9 a.m. photo op
(transport leaves at 9:30 am sharp)

Contact: Dianne Sauve, 561-233-1250 or cell 561-398-8753

In October 2015, he and 765 other animals – 400 of whom were pigs – were saved from the slaughterhouse following an undercover investigation by Richard Couto. Couto worked undercover at the farm for several months, and  said he witnessed workers “boil(ing) pigs alive, drag(ging) a cow behind a truck, and slaughter(ing) horses for meat.” When police arrived, it was discovered that all of the pigs had incurable, contagious diseases … except for Jason.

Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control (PBCACC) helped care for the animals following the raid. Director Diane Sauve was shocked when the Department of Agriculture recommended that the disease-ridden pigs be sent to slaughter and used for human consumption, and refused to comply with this recommendation.”All of the animals had health issues and diseases. I was astounded to learn that you could still send diseased pigs to slaughter for human consumption,” she said. Sadly, the affected pigs’ illnesses were too advanced to respond to treatment, and they ultimately had to be euthanized. However, this was done in a peaceful manner, and their bodies were not sent to be used for human consumption.

Bon voyage sweet Jason!


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