Methamphetamine arrests in Martin County

Methamphetamine arrests in Martin County

Martin County, FL- Martin County Sheriff’s Special Investigations Detectives are ramping up efforts to target those selling and distributing methamphetamine, after the arrest of two Palm City residents.

Following an investigation into possible meth sales, detectives executed a search warrant at a home on the 700 block of SW 36th Terrace in Palm City. Inside the house, detectives located meth, morphine and drug paraphernalia. 42-year old Travers Paul Legler, and 65-year old Yvonne Spinato were arrested. Spinato was charged with multiple counts of sale and delivery of narcotics (meth), possession. He was also charged with illegal use of a two way communication device. Legler was charged with sale of a controlled substance, possession, and unlawful use of a two way communication.

Martin County detectives have seen a slight rise in the presence of methamphetamine sales. They will now increase efforts to target those who sell the drug. In Florida, and nationwide, there has been an alarming resurgence of methamphetamine use, renewing concerns that dangerous meth labs could reappear.

Meth is highly addictive and can cause convulsions, cardiovascular collapse and death.

In 2014, CBS News listed methamphetamine as one of the nation’s deadliest drugs. Since then, the nationwide opioid crises diverted much of the attention away from methamphetamine. With this slight uptick, detectives are hoping to refocus and begin to again target meth dealers in our area.

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