MCSO’s Aviation Unit locates missing hiker

Last night MCSO’s Aviation Unit successfully located a missing hiker missing in Jonathan Dickenson State Park. MCSO Pilot, Deputy Sean Marston and Tactical Flight Officer, Deputy Ed Stagmiller were called in by FWC to assist.

Air 1 successfully located the female hiker using the infrared camera system.

Deputy Marston and Deputy Stagmiller were able to lead ground officers to the woman. She was brought back to safety uninjured.

You can see the video on the Martin County Facebook Page

Hiker Safety

The Florida Trail Association has  listed some great suggestions that we should all heed while hiking.

Getting Lost 

“While the Florida Trail is well blazed in most places, it’s still not as heavily used as the Appalachian Trail. The footpath may not be apparent if you lose the blazes—plant life grows up quickly and obscures it; a mower is of greater use to Florida Trail maintainers than a Pulaski. If you become lost, don’t panic. Try to backtrack and find the last blaze. Quite frequently, you may be walking lost in thought down a forest road and the trail veers off the road into the forest.

If you have a map and compass, you may be able to figure out your relative position and head in the direction of a road. Always carry spare food and a signaling device (a mirror or whistle). Hike with a buddy whenever possible, and leave your itinerary with the folks at home or someone you can trust to come looking for you if you don’t call in. If you need to initiate a search for a fellow hiker, contact the county sheriff for that particular segment (phone numbers are provided on our maps). If the missing person returns, be sure to call off the search.”

Don’t rely on your cell phone because you may not be able to get a signal there.





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