MCSO: PBC Felon arrested with gun and stolen car

 MCSO: PBC Felon arrested with gun and stolen car

31-year old Falone Robert Kalmar couldn’t explain whose car he was driving when Martin County deputies pulled him over for a traffic infraction. It just wasn’t his. He wouldn’t explain why he had a loaded 9mm gun in his duffle bag. Kalmar did indicate that it didn’t really matter, since this would be another case he would beat court. He went on to say he was confident that the MCSO would be “writing him a big fat check” over his arrest. Kalmar continued to make threats to the deputy. He  said he had shooters on the streets.   He also told the deputy that we had no idea what kind of killers he (*expletive) with.

Falone Kalmar, who said he was in Indiantown visiting his girlfriend, already has 62 previous felony charges and six felony convictions under his belt. He was released from prison in 2007 after serving a one year sentence.

Thursday night he was charged. The charge was Grand Theft Auto, Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon, and Threats to a Law Officer.

Kalmar was taken to the Martin County Jail. This morning he was given a $40,000 bond. 





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