MCSO asks public to call in suspicious activity

MCSO asks public to call in suspicious activity.

Unusual Theft Prompts Additional warnings for citizens to call in suspicious vehicles suspicious behavior.

Quick action by a UPS delivery worker alerted the sheriff’s office to another style of thefts surfacing in our area.

Yesterday, UPS officials contacted the Martin County Sheriff’s Office

after a man flagged down two separate UPS drivers in search of a package scheduled to be delivered to a Palm City home. The package in question was from Sprint and on another truck in route to an address on SW Willow Lane. 34-year old Paul Anthony Ramsay, of Ft. Lauderdale, claimed to be the homeowner (recipient) who lived at that address. Working in conjunction with UPS and with the cooperation of the true homeowner, who said he never ordered anything from Sprint, detectives sat outside of the home and awaited the UPS truck. Detectives could see Ramsay parked down the street in a black BMW. Ramsay had clear view of the intersection in an effort to see UPS arrive.

As UPS arrived, Ramsay pulled into the driveway.

He exited the vehicle and lied to the UPS driver. He claimed to be the homeowner whose name was printed on the package. Ramsay signed for the package. Once UPS exited, detectives approached Ramsay. Inside his car was a Sprint box containing four brand new I-Phone 7s. Ramsay also had a 9mm handgun on the driver side floorboard.

Paul Ramsay told detectives he was sent from Ft. Lauderdale to intercept the package, but claims he didn’t know the name of the man who sent him. Ramsey was charged with Obtaining Property by False Personation. He was taken to the Martin County Jail on a $5,000 bond. A judge increased his bond to $500,000 at first appearence.

The Martin County Sheriff continue to encourage residents to call in suspicious vehicles either parked, or slowly cruising through your neighborhoods.

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