Martin Sheriff raises alarm on AI consumer alert with cloned loved ones voices

Martin Sheriff raises alarm on AI consumer alert with cloned loved ones voices

Martin County, Fl ( The Martin County Sheriff has raised the alarm on AI (artificial intelligence) cloned voices of loved ones.

Here’s the info:
The Federal Trade Commission is issuing warnings to consumers about the negative capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and scams. The Martin County Sheriff’s Office believes that it’s only a matter of time before the AI technology is used to target citizens in our area, and we want you to be prepared particularly when it comes to the “Grandparents Scam” and the “Family Member in Trouble Scam”.
These scams come in as phone calls with the scammer claiming to be a family member who has either been arrested, or has been involved in a crash or accident. The caller will ask the victim to send/wire money to help. The scammer urges the victim NOT to tell other family members of the situation. The scammer often blames a bad phone connection or chaotic circumstances for the way they sound. That was then— ***BUT NOW, artificial intelligence is allowing these scammer to actually clone loved ones voices—then place the call, making the plea for help sound even more convincing. Scammers use social media videos to clone your loved ones voice. DO NOT FALL FOR IT.
We are recommending all families discuss this new technology and come up with a secret “safe word”, or have a plan that only family members are aware of. NEVER send money in response to these calls without independently verifying the crisis with other family members despite what the caller says. You can always call the Sheriff’s Office. We will help you verify whether your family member is truly in crisis.
With this new technology, will come a whole new level of scams. Let’s try to stay ahead of this. Have a plan.
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