Martin County stops using glyphosate

Martin County stops using glyphosate

Martin County, Fl- Martin County became the second government on the Treasure Coast to stop using glyphosate, the chemical found in RoundUp. It is a weed killer suspected of causing cancer and feeding toxic algae blooms.

The ban means that county employees and any contractors working on county projects will not be able to use the chemical.

The ban does not affect residents. Martin County used about 965 gallons of glyphosate a year.

County staffers will begin developing a plan for weed control that doesn’t use glyphosate, and come up with a cost estimate.

The city of Stuart banned glyphosate back in September. They have switched to organic herbicides, which are almost as effective as glyphosate but cost about 20 percent more.




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  • Posted 5 years ago

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