Martin County Sheriff’s Office Newest Drug Detection Deputy

Oscar - Drug Detection K-9 Deputy

Oscar – Drug Detection K-9 Deputy

We would like to introduce everyone to Oscar. Oscar is the Martin County Sheriff’s Office newest drug detection K-9 deputy.

The young Springer Spaniel was born in the United Kingdom, but trained in the United States. Oscar just recently completed 80-hours of drug detection school with his new partner, who will work with Oscar in an undercover capacity. Oscar is now certified to detect narcotics such as heroin, crack cocaine, MDMA, and more. The detective/K-9 team is assigned to the Special Investigations Section of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

Oscar turns 2-years old on Sunday, October 4. Sheriff Snyder will officially swear Oscar in over the coming days. We will bring you photos of his ceremony. Say hello to Oscar.

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