Martin County Sheriff’s nab suspected retail thieves

Martin County Sheriff’s nab suspected retail thieves

Martin County, Fl  ( The Martin County Sheriff’s nab suspected retail thieves!

51-year-old Gary Rudolph Wilson and 47-year-old Michael Jermeski Taylor were arrested Thursday.

Here is what was reported by the Sheriff:

“Doers definitely get more done. But when you do it by stealing from Martin County businesses, our detectives and deputies will put an end to your project.
Just ask 51-year old Gary Rudolph Wilson, and 47-year old Michael Jermeski Taylor, both of Ft. Lauderdale. The traveling criminal do-it-yourselfers are suspected of stealing from retail chains throughout the region. Their method of operation was simple, pick up products, pass the check out lane, and walk right out of the store.
In this case, the duo didn’t know that Martin County was expecting them. Detectives watched as Wilson went into the store and Taylor sat in the getaway car. Wilson picked up merchandise, walked out of the store and into the waiting vehicle. When the car exited the parking lot, Criminal Investigations Detectives , K9, and Road Patrol Units completed the transaction.
Gary Wilson and Michael Taylor were both arrested. The amount of merchandise they stole from this store constitutes a misdemeanor charge, but collectively, they are responsible for stealing thousands of dollars in merchandise from retailers throughout the area. They currently have outstanding warrants and will face charges in multiple jurisdictions.
Martin County values all of our retailers, what they bring to our community, and the jobs they provide. These crimes will not be tolerated here. So do it yourselfers with stealing on their minds should think twice before coming to steal at the #WrongExit.
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