Martin County reverses bus stop decision

Martin County reverses bus stop decision.

 A controversial decision has been reversed in Martin County. The school board held an emergency meeting Friday afternoon. They announced that they will be reinstating all of the bus stops for students who live within 2 miles of a school.

The school board sent a letter to parents back in March explaining that the 98 bus stops would be eliminated because of a 2015 state law that changed the definition of hazardous walking conditions. Many parents claimed they didn’t find out about the changes until a few weeks ago. They were furious at the thought of their child crossing major roads like US1.

The Martin County Sheriff weighed in:

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office continues receiving calls and emails regarding the elimination of some school bus stops throughout Martin County. We have not been provided an official list from the school district of affected locations. If you have questions regarding your child’s bus stop, please contact the school district directly.

The following link from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children will take you directly to a printable publication called, “Going To and From School More Safely.” The publication provides important tips for all parents/guardians whose children walk or ride their bicycles to and from school. Please share the information with your children.

Wishing you and your families a safe and memorable last few days of summer!

The school district sent letters to parents describing the changes to the bus stops back in March. It included a survey for parents to help determine where new crossing guards or new walkways could be added before the start of the school year.

The bus stops were eliminated because of a 2015 state law that reduced transportation funding for students that live within 2 miles of a school.

 The school board voted 4-0 to provide the same bus services from last year. Then they will work out safety logistics for students who will walk to school. The meeting lasted 6 and a half minutes.

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