Martin County Board of County Commissioners! Please Listen to Us!

Martin County Board of County Commissioners! Please Listen to Us!

Martin County Breaking News is part of the platform for TreasureCoast.Com. It was not when I came in 2015 and I started it so we would have someplace for all of us and we could talk about the issues especially the water that we have been documenting for years.

Right now we have 25.3K members. We have over 200 thousand on all our platforms.  We are a community and we have so much in common. So much that pulls us together.

I asked this question and got many well thought out answers.

“Hi hope every one is having a good day. I’m working on a few things. My question for you guys is what do you expect from your representatives. If you could give me some general answers and then I can narrow it down. This is for Martin County Residents. thanks so much!”

Thank you guys for all the thoughtful answers.

Here are our concerns:

Overbuilding and construction:

Sherry Lain

Our best interests! Which isn’t happening with all the construction and no place for the animals to live! Stop it

Jan Krenke

Don’t allow overbuilding.
Stuart downtown parking is getting really, really bad. Love our downtown restaurants and The Lyric but not driving around in circles waiting for a spot to open.
Us old folks can’t walk too far!

Jackie Blake

They should be listening to their constituents and stop the overdevelopment. Land will be sold and landowners can ask for anything but it’s up to our representatives to just say no if it doesn’t follow the comp plan. They should be looking for alternatives in the Palm City area of grocery stores that would offer some alternative to only Publix.
Laura Nunziella Giobbi
My question exactly… LIVE HERE; are they that dense???? Monitored growth is what should have been happening these last 10 years. What we have is Growth on Steroids. If someone purchases Commercial property then they should know that the Commissioners WILL NOT allow a change from commercial to multi-family permit. STOP – STOP – STOP. No one is buying the BS about affordable housing. The units being allowed to be built are ALL FAR from affordable.

Gina B Florida

I expect them to be available to listen to my concerns. I want them to be able to think out of the box and find solutions to our complex problems such as over development and traffic jams.

Joann Cali

Over-Development is my main concern. We don’t have the infrastructure for the amount of people living here since COVID. Newcomers don’t realize that they’ll have to wait six months to see a doctor, besides the traffic jams it is making everything worse for the people who have lived here long-term.

Caitlin Fehrs

Joann Cali the Dr. issue is so real! I made an appointment with Cleveland Clinic to establish care with a PCP. I made the appointment in March 2022 and the earliest they could get me in to anybody was this week…over one year later.

Elizabeth Jankowski

Definitely Over development! Moved to Hobe Sound area because of its quiet nature, now driving is dreadful, the natural beauty that has been the reason why we love this coast is being destroyed for development that we don’t need. Greed is taken over.
Roseanne Hawk Presnal
Stop overdevelopment, stop voting for things based on party, check your egos at the door, vote the way your constituents want, send emails to all residents asking them to take a poll on things that you are not sure how to vote on, when you win an election you cast votes for EVERYONE in your area…

Debi Natoli Albertini

Overdevelopment. Hobe Sound, Stuart both losing their small town charm very fast. The roads will not take the overgrowth. The beach already has parking issues at Hobe sound then add 300+ homes on Bridge Rd? Where are they going. And Bridge Rd is treacherous.

Vickie Baron

Debi Natoli Albertini Bridge Road is literally an accident Waiting to happen. Adding another East & West lane and Left Turn Lane should have been started 5 yrs ago…it will take minimum10 yrs to complete from US 1 to I-95.
US 1 from Osprey to Bridge will look like Tequesta/Jupiter soon…
Mreen Ann
Halt the drastic development here in Palm City- also solution to the extreme escalating home owners insurance mess (it’s criminal)

Connie Dodson

Moratorium on building apartment/condo complexes and big box stores.
Stricter building codes … no four story apartment buildings built totally out of wood and fiber board.
Saving green space
Limiting discharges in the water around Stuart and Jensen Beach.
Enforcing speed limit on Federal Hwy,
To name a few
Jo Neeson

Transparency and accountability

Susie Rambeau Best

Red light runners and tailgaters .I’m on Martin county roads all day and see multiple wrecks .

Kathleen Barbieri

Overdevelopment as well as out of control homeowners insurance policy bills.
  • Rita Connolly

    Actually listen to the residents and follow thru on their concerns. Over development is a major concern.

    Bernadette Balkan

    Halt of development in Stuart. It’s ridiculous and costly especially to the residents. We are losing our serenity and becoming the next Palm beach county Ugh!

    Julie Witham Hartwiger

    Simply listening to the majority of the people of this county that live here and not rich developers who are making this county look like Dade and Broward . Be part of saving our beautiful county not destroying it. We can not get it back once they sell their souls .

    Alice Windle

    Stop the overdevelopment. This is killing the environment and the animals. Just Stop. Some of these buildings I doubt can seriously handle a hurricane. Look at the counties to the south and see what they are dealing with. Flooding, lots of it. Not just recently but every year around this time.

    Marianne Sweeney White

    Stop the over development. You should have thought this thru and taken care of our infrastructure before haphazardly allowing such over development. Put a moratorium on residential developments/ condo apartments shopping centers etc.. for a time to catch up.with our infrastructure. We have so much empty retail space everywhere. Businesses went under during Covid, and others can’t survive on increasing rents & our inflation rate. These businesses employ people that live here. Less businesses & more people doesn’t make sense. So now that you are bringing in more Tax revenue are you going to lower our taxes? Our once beautiful county is looking like South Florida. We are killing off our wildlife by overdeveloping. Growth is not always a bad thing. Drastic development all at once to catch up for years of less is Irresponsible & not proper growth. Open your eyes & ears. Listen to the people we are fed up with everything..

    Michelle Sinton

    It would be great if someone actually did something about all these concrete slabs of endless townhouses/apartments that steam roll every plant and tree in their path then dare to call their development a preserve. There’s this idea of actually saving land for animals and future generations. Wild…I know but it would be great if someone actually cared.
    Jim Ronan
    Stop all discharges from Lake O
    Stop all of these poorly constructed apartments and all of the transient’s that they bring. Sadly it’s too late, but anymore projects that include garbage like this needs to stop.

    Christine Weston Wilson

    Would like to know when are they going to stop all this overbuilding? When will the infrastructure be brought up to date? What will be done about the horrific traffic mess on Monterey by the tracks and the awful mess on 714?

    Veronica Green Stein

    Hire someone who know how to time lights so I’m not stopping at every single light on Kanner Hwy and US-1. Get the building under control and fix the flooding on Kanner.Michael Caputo

    Honesty, integrity, the effort to maintain the local way of life while introducing thoughtful ideas to expand our community to support our local businesses without inundating the existing population.
    Mark Hill
    Remember when the county’s slogan was ‘Character Counts’. Why does it feel like we are at the other end of that pendulum swing.? Why does it feel like commissioners, sans one, do what -they want, even in the face of clear dislike/dissent on issues they vote in favor of… Stop all outside-the-county $$$$
    Need another grocery store in Palm City that is not Publix that was brought up multiple times

    Roseanne Hawk Presnal

    Reading this chain….so wait… stop overdeveloping but please build another grocery store in Palm City so you don’t have to use Publix?

    Terri Pinder

    most of the folks we have elected to represent us here in Martin County ran on platforms that we could ALL agree with:
    – preserve our Martin County “Good Nature” style of life (which would mean having fought for comprehensive use plans to remain strong and value based); protect our water quality by restoring the natural flow of the Everglades and reducing fresh water discharges from the lakes; deal with high property ownership costs and homeowner’s insurance; serving all residents by finding consensus. DO NOT cause me extra money in litigation.

    We hope our Martin County Board of County Commissioners will take the time to read this and respond.

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