Mark Perry explains the LORS Schedule at Rivers Coalition meeting

Mark Perry explains the LORS Schedule at Rivers Coalition meeting.

Here is a video of Mark Perry explaining the LORS (Lake Okeechobee Regulation Schedule)

The Stop Harmful Discharges Act (H.R. 6700) is an IMMEDIATE Solution at ZERO Cost. The Act proposes to make public health and safety the primary consideration for the management of the Central and Southern Florida Project. Learn More 

In essence, by the law that written a long time ago, Lake O is managed for agriculture and there is no consideration for human health and safety.  The Stop Harmful Discharges Act submitted to Congress by Congressman Brian Mask will change that.


According to Dave Preston:This is the heart of the issue. Sugar gets their 1 trillion gallons of irrigation water every year, for 800 square miles of fields, no matter what the conditions. And when it rains, they dump those 800 square miles of fields and overwhelm our flood control and storage system, leaving no room for lake water, and ensuring discharges east and west. They get it all, and refuse to share. They always come first – top priority – flood or drought – and everyone else loses. It’s a perfect system for them, and they don’t want anything to change.





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