Marco Rubio avoids Constituents

Marco Rubio avoids Constituents

Last week Florida Senator Marco Rubio declined an invitation to a town hall hosted by the Mayors of South Miami and Pinecrest.

His office claimed that Rubio was on a trip to Europe but the senator was recorded in a Miami Shopping Mall on Wednesday.

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio said he wants to hear from constituents. Just not at a town hall.  The Florida Republican last week explained why he’s avoiding what has been a staple of congressional representation for years. Mainly, it’s because he doesn’t think much constructive would come out of it in this hyper-partisan environment. He blames highly organized liberal activists for hijacking those town halls.


When is Marco Rubio going to start behaving like an adult? I’m serious. The rest of us that have to live in the world. Can you imagine your doctor not wanting to see you because he thought you were  a pain in his butt? Or a nurse not wanting to take care of you because  of your views? Or even the bagger at Publix denying you because they didn’t your politics. What a bad example!

It’s simply ludicrous!

What was your excuse for not coming to the Treasure Coast for a year and then ignoring after. Then coming back in a luxury boat with air conditioning while the rest of us  couldn’t breath? (Then some right winged website uses that photo to say everyone that was there was faking it.) O!M!G!

Last week Brian Mast held a town hall and everyone was able to communicate. And he just got here. Like adults! Imagine that!

In Tampa they held a mock town hall with a cardboard Marco. I suggest we all do this. Don’t wait for him to show up because it took a lot for him to get that nickname “No show Rubio.” This is nothing new!

Marco here is your Job description!

What US Senators do

As part of its legislative duties, the Senate introduces bills and resolutions, or it considers legislation proposed by the House. A Senate committee usually examines and discusses a bill and then accepts or rejects it. The full Senate votes on accepted bills. If the bill is approved by the full Senate and originated in the Senate, the bill is sent to the House for consideration. If the approved bill originated in the House, the bill is sent to the president for his signature or veto.

Other Senate duties are related to its obligation to check and balance other parts of the federal government. Before the president can appoint people to certain positions, including members of the Cabinet, justices of the Supreme Court, other federal judges, and ambassadors, the Senate must consent to the appointments. By two-thirds vote, the Senate must also approve treaties that the executive branch makes with foreign governments. Although only the House of Representatives has the power to impeach a government official or charge the official with misconduct, the Senate holds the impeachment trial to determine whether the official is guilty of the charge.

This is not new behavior!

Stupid pills: Throwback Thurs Marco goes to Stuart.


“Where have you been for the past 13 months?” called out one protester.

Another held a wanted poster with Rubio’s face on it, calling him “No Show Rubio” and accusing him of “murder of our rivers.”

After begging him for a year he finally showed up. The initial meeting was invited Republicans only. Some people we knew from One Florida stuck their tongues out like the adults they are at as they walked by into the meeting.

Truly a dagger into the hearts of the “clean water” River Warriors which is non partisan.

We were told we could come in as long as we “behaved.”

No offense. I personally belong to two professions that have ethics rules . Once I have to be urine tested and FBI fingerprinted to do. Marco Rubio has to do neither of these things.


Rubio: Our National Security Depends on Sugar Subsidies

“If we eliminate our sugar subsidies first, Rubio warned, “other countries will capture the market share, our agricultural capacity will be developed into real estate, you know, housing and so forth, and then we lose the capacity to produce our own food, at which point we’re at the mercy of a foreign country for food security.”

This guy must have majored in Syllogisms.

I know this is a lot of stuff. It’s important stuff. But the most important thing to remember is when we needed our Senator to show up for us he didn’t. We begged!  tweeted! Emailed him letters! Sent him letters! We were polite and respectful. I know. I was there.

He couldn’t be bothered.


Sorry to say I have no expectation but disappointment from this man.

My expectation is that he will never listen to any of us.

If he can’t listen regarding toxic discharges that hurt us and waste billion of gallons of water what makes you think he will listen to anything any of us have to say?

and just an fyi Marco. The Tea Party gets directions. Most of it is  totally based on bad info and conspiracy theories. We need to know that you support common sense and reality. Like for instance there was no way Prez Obama ordered Donald Trumps phone to be tapped. Stuff like that.

Just recently on meet the press Rubio said this regarding Russia

“Pressed to elaborate on “Meet the Press,” Mr. Rubio said, “I’m not going to be part of a witch hunt, but I’m also not going to be part of a cover-up.”

We are going to hold to that? Is that ok? Is it ok to hold a person who took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the US? To do their job are required by their job description like the rest of of us that work. I hold you to the same standards that any boss would.

In light of the recent  POTUS tweets  we need you to find your spine and stand up for the rest of us because these charges are out of this world. Stand up and be counted Senator Rubio!

If you have a message you want to get to us on the TreasureCoast since your too chicken to come here you can send it to me at



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