Man Caught Using Fake ID to purchase phone

Man Caught Using Fake ID to purchase phone.

Stuart Police Department arrest fraud suspect in possession of counterfeit driver licenses.

On 7/29/2017, Akeem Williams 38 years old of Brooklyn, New York attempted to finance an iPhone 7 Plus using a counterfeit Ohio Driver License. Unbeknownst to Williams, T-Mobile had identified him as a fraud suspect. He had been targeting T-Mobile stores using fake driver licenses.  Williams would open lines of credit using fake identities and walk away with cellular phones.

Williams was arrested and discovered to be in possession of 12 counterfeit driver license from Maryland and Ohio. All contained Williams photograph and false name/address information on each. Williams was also in possession of 2 counterfeit credit cards.

Williams was transported to the Martin County Jail.  Until he can be positively identified he will be held on no bond.

Contact Detective Sergeant Heather Rothe if you think  you are a victim of ID Theft related to Williams at (772) 220-3923.

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