Lures Riverfront Restaurant

Lures Riverfront Restaurant
3330 NE Indian River Dr
Jensen Beach, FL 34957
(772) 208-5974
 3-1/2 out of 5 Starfish Rating
Lures Riverfront Restaurant

Lures Riverfront Restaurant


It’s around noon on a beautiful sunny day in January, so, what’s the best place for lunch? A picnic table under an umbrella near the banks of the Indian River, of course. My dining partner and I decided lunch al fresco was in order and selected Lures Riverfront Restaurant as our destination.

Lures is located in downtown Jensen Beach on Indian River Drive in a location formerly occupied by real estate offices, the bar outside is usually visibly packed to the casual observer. The restaurant opened  late summer and the crowds are seemingly growing, my first word of mouth recommendation was from my hairdresser raving about the bar.

Lures is the brainchild of three bartenders from a nearby restaurant who got together and opened a place of their own. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily. The ambiance is open air old Florida, wood picnic tables with beer umbrellas parked in a bed of red mulch while Areca Palms dot the perimeter. The restaurant is bigger than it looks with inside seating available. Kids of all ages can play Cornhole on the deck while the adults knock back a few cold ones.

I ordered Shrimp Tacos with a side of Kettle Chips. As a famous lover of potatoes in all fried forms, the Kettle Chips may be my favorite potato ever. A thick potato chip version of a french fry cooked to perfect golden brown and lightly crunchy. I could have eaten a triple order of only these for lunch and been perfectly happy. The two Shrimp Tacos were beautifully presented and the Shrimp inside butterflied and perfectly cooked with a scattering of vegetables, but to my taste they needed additional fillings (more chopped tomatoes, etc.) However, the remoulade alongside was divine, pinky red and creamy with specks of Cayenne Pepper visible.  I used it for the Kettle Chips and devoured most of it.

My dining partner ordered grilled Mahi with sides of mashed potatoes and coleslaw. Another perfectly prepared and presented plate. The Mahi was consumed and leftover sides taken home for dinner while contented sighs were uttered. Her only concern: dogs are not allowed at the picnic tables, only the bar.

Having added photos of our lunch while writing this, I realized my Pico de Gallo and lettuce was served to my friend, who took them home for dinner.



The Verdict

The rest of the menu varies from sandwiches, burgers, wraps to more formal entrees of pasta and meatloaf or fried shrimp with two sides. We recommend Lures Riverfront Restaurant for good, very casual dining. Just keep your eyes peeled for the Pico de Gallo.

Lures Riverfront Restaurant

Lures Riverfront Restaurant

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