Be on the lookout for falling iguanas

Be on the lookout for falling iguanas

Temperatures are going to be in the 40’s and 30’s in some places , which means you have to be on the lookout for falling iguanas.

They don’t self regulate their body temperature. So their body temperature eventually kind of acclimates to what it is outside.

Blake Wilkins with Redline Iguana Removal said.  He says, iguanas get stiff and eventually fall.  Blake says the worst he’s seen it with iguanas falling out of trees was in 2018.

Invasive iguanas have burrowed into the soft dirt around an aging dam, costing the city of West Palm Beach $1.8 million in emergency repairs. The burrows were noticed last year by some West Palm Beach employees and the city hired a contractor to make repairs, including laying a grid over the soil to prevent both erosion and burrowing.

Female iguanas burrow into dirt to lay eggs each February and March. It’s a problem for managers of the hundreds of miles of canals that channel water throughout South Florida. Iguanas also are nuisances for pooping in swimming pools and eating landscaping.

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