Local Firm helps to clean Toxic Algae

Local Firm helps to clean Toxic Algae

We are literally on our own here in Martin County so a local company decided to offer their help. We are like the wild west! Most of the leaders locally, statewide and nationally are absent.

Ecosphere Technologies, a local company who works internationally, offered their help to our friends over at Outboards Only.

Ecosphere Technologies sucked up the toxic, algae , ran it through their high-tech system which killed the algae and the water came out highly oxygenated and ready to go back into the river. Without chemicals. Without toxic byproducts.

Local Firm helps to clean Toxic Algae

Local Firm helps to clean Toxic Algae
photo: cyndi lenz

This effort was done privately and for free.

The poor folks at Outboards Only in Rio have been unable to work because their canal was chocked up with thick coagulating toxic algae that was from to 4-6 inches thick. There is no way to describe the smell. I have famously called it “Death on a cracker.” Besides being disgusting it is emitting something that is making our locals sick. I  have friends on antibiotics. I have friends with headaches and nausea. I worry about the long term effects on our livers and our brains. Yesterday I could smell this stuff 2 miles from another site.

Local Firm helps to clean Toxic Algae

Local Firm helps to clean Toxic Algae

Ecosphere Technologies spent the entire weekend  there working in the horrible conditions to help out our local citizens.

According to Stephen Leighton “The partnership that was formed to fund and implement this demo consisted of himself, Paul Filipe and Dennis McGuire. Without this team willing to press forward fight the nasayers the company wouldn’t be open for business today!?

You can see my short video interview at the link below.


The request for federal disaster relief still sits on the President’s desk, waiting for authorization. The rest of us have masks.

I take comfort in knowing that in any emergency we are a community that can take care of itself because that’s how it’s looking right now.

I hop to get over there today to take some more photos!








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