Local Environmentalists are NOT calling for discharges


Local Environmentalists are NOT calling for discharges



The headline on the news tonight is that local “Environmentalists” are calling for Lake Okeechobee Discharges. Then they said one environmentalist is supporting this when he was protesting this last year. Then they showed Mark Perry talking about his concern about doing something so we don’t get demolished at a later date. This is a valid concern by one of our most knowledgeable clean water advocates. But the reporting is totally disingenuous.  So disingenuous people are already using it against us.

I even saw an article  in a local  paper stating that the discharges now could help us in the summer. Technically it’s true but it doesn’t get to the  real issue.  We never want discharges.  Local environmentalists are not calling for discharges.  It’s laughable! Oh Please poison us!  Yes because of the dirty water we have finally lost our minds.

We are calling for a flow way south. We begged for this last year. Begged.

The original river of grass flowed south starting from Orlando to the Florida Bay. Man has messed with the plumbing. We are affected here and on the west coast of Florida.  The Everglades are affected and so is the Florida Bay in a very negative way. Our entire ecosystem is messed up.  The drinking water of South Florida is and will be even more negatively affected. Martin County taxpayers have been paying for years to try to fix this problem. We want clean water and great economy. We don’t want people to  get sick in the Indian River Lagoon.

save our river photo: cyndi lenz

save our river
photo: cyndi lenz

The army corp has not made  decisions yet but discharges could start as early as  Friday.

This afternoon I saw an old video of us all protesting at the locks.  I forget what station it was but I believe it was when Rick Scott came to town. We look crazed. Like reefer madness crazed. You’d be crazed too if the powers that be continuously allowed you to be polluted.

So I have a question with these news outlets. What’s up with that? You are not helping. You are misinforming the public. When I tell you this informing is being used to humiliate everyone that has worked tirelessly for clean water I’m not kidding. So stop it. Maybe the headline won’t be as eye catching as you want it but at least people will understand the truth. We cannot get these discharges forever. You guys need to advocate us not make our lives worse.

The truth is we need a flow way south. Plan six really is the fix.

Because of El Nino we’ve had a heavy rainy season. I have no earthly idea how much water has been sent south over the past few months and maybe someone can let me know. I have been told that significantly less lake water has been sent south this year then did in each of the last two years. Why is that?  We could avoid discharges all together. Who is holding the water back in Lake O? Who?

I’m very appreciative of what Mark Perry is saying and everything he does for our water. I even understand what he is saying and why he is saying it. Don’t it make something it isn’t. Stop hurting us and the critters that live in the St Lucie River and the lagoon.

photo cyndi lenz

photo cyndi lenz

Please watch the video below. Thousands of people came out. We’re still waiting for an answer on how this is going to end.  Learn about it. Friends don’t lets have polluted water.







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