LBJ Farms Snail of Approval Awardee

LBJ Farms Snail of Approval Awardee

Join us as we welcome LBJ Farms, Fellsmere as our newest Snail of Approval Awardee

Jake and Elizabeth live on 5 acres in Fellsmere, FL. They raise heritage chickens for eggs and meat. Also, they raise 2 types of pigs, Large Blacks, and Gloucestershire Old Spot. In the past they also have raised the Red Wattle although they have none now. Their most important livestock, in our opinion, is the Cracker Sheep. This is a sheep brought to Florida in the 1700’s and allowed to adapt to our climate when other sheep were introduced that produced more meat and wool. They have almost reached extinction several times. Jake told us they select their breeds to those not only suited to our climate, but to their specific property.

We toured this farm and was impressed by the care they take with their animals, they are kept in a well-maintained pasture and are rotated to new spots on a regular basis to conserve the soil.

Their farm is located in the St Johns Water Management district which has filtered the water along it’s way to the IR Lagoon. Without quite understanding how it is divided another portion is directed to the Stick Marsh in Fellsmere which has a complex system of water purification and grasses. The water for their livestock is provided by a well regulated artesian well. It is on a drip watering system so not to deplete the groundwater.

Currently, the only products LBJ has on the market is the eggs and chicken meat, they are planning on being at the market next season though and eventually having both pork and mutton for sale. 


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