June 1 Pet of the Week: Mrs Oscar

June 1 Pet of the Week: Mrs Oscar

Palm City, Fl- Remember the 1989 classic movie “Driving Miss Daisy” with Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy? Well there’s a remake due out soon, and the critics are raving! Says Rotten Tuna Fish critic K. Nein Barker, “Mrs. Oscar is a senior pet; and her adoption fee has been sponsored by a generous donor! She is a MUST SEE!” Mrs. Oscar is a well to do, elderly, 17 year old feline who loves to walk on a leash and is determined to maintain her independence. However, when she is brought to the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast, she is not happy with this new arrangement.  While at the shelter, she meets cat room volunteer Jonathan and their relationship gets off to a hissy start, but they gradually form a unique and close friendship, one that transcends species barriers and social conventions.

Two Paws Up for “Walking Mrs. Oscar”.  For more information on Mrs. Oscar and her co-stars, visit hstc1.org.



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