Hurricane Yard Preparation

 Hurricane Yard Preparation

Is your yard ready for hurricane season?  June is right around the corner and the official start of hurricane season.

One of the best preparations is to inspect your trees in your yard.  What kind of condition are they in?  Are there any limbs that are too close to your home or are weak and could act as a projectile, causing damage should a storm hit?

This is the time to take action and prepare your trees for the storm season.  It is always best to call a licensed tree service with adequate liability insurance.  Get written estimates from two or more companies and a detailed description in writing before you hire anyone to do the work.  Remember to include cleanup and debris removal.

Paying attention to trees before there is a potential problem can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run and stress from cleanup and recovery.

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How to Minimize Wind Damage in the South Florida Landscape:

Learn how to properly prune your Palm trees, and AVOID “hurricane pruning”, which can actually cause more damage to the Palm!

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Please contact Kate Rotindo (Urban Horticulture Agent) at the St. Lucie County Extension Office for more information: or 772-462-1660.





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