More information released on Harrouff

In files that have been made public in the Austin Harrouff investigation, there are journal entries and details about Internet searches.

On the morning of the killings, Harrouff was briefly on the beach with his sister Hayley and a friend, both describe his behavior as weird.  In sheriff’s transcripts, a friend who saw Harrouff on the morning of August 15th told a Martin County Sheriff Detective Harrouff was distant, obviously not in the right mental state of mind. In another part of the interview, the same friend said Harrouff’s drug of choice was weed and he speculates Harrouff had been trying to quit and was having trouble sleeping because of that. Harrouff’s sister also told investigators she had gotten into the habit of locking her bedroom door at night because Harrouff talked about a special gift he possessed to unlock locks. Harrouff’s attorney said in a statement that Austin is struggling with severe mental illness. Last week toxicology tests came back negative for Flakka, which seem to bolster an insanity defense. But there was marijuana and alcohol in Harrouff’s body.

Also released were 100 pages of Harrouff’s journals. He wrote about the Renaissance, Picasso, and nuclear weapons while describing himself as happy, shy, nice and positive. The journals date back to August 2013. Harrouff would’ve entered his sophomore year at Florida State University this fall. He’s a graduate from Suncoast Community High School.




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