Hurricane Preparedness Week 2020

Hurricane Preparedness Week 2020

Welcome to Hurricane Preparedness Week 2020!

I can hear everyone’s groans! Oh boy! Every year at the beginning of May the Hurricane people put together all kinds of fun assets for us to share with you.

I know we are all worn to bits but unfortunately we all have to pay attention.

Let’s hope for a quiet season.

Cyndi, Dawn and Nick

Here is a message from Dawn

“Shout out to local businesses! Hopefully, all businesses will be open soon, and remember, hurricane season will soon be upon us. In the event of a major storm or hurricane, Treasure Coast residents will need your help. With our Hurricane Center 2020, you can get your message out at the right time, in the right place, and to the right people – our audience. has a half-million views per year, and our social media groups are exploding with over 70,000 followers!

Please contact or call me at 304-942-8232 to reserve your space now. Ad design is included.”


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