Hurricane Season 2018 – Preparation

Hurricane Preparedness 2018

It’s never too early to start getting reading for Hurricane season. With a little effort you can get your act together and when the time comes you’ll be sitting at home with your feet up.

Here is my beginning check-off list. Let me know if you can think of anything else.



2 Flashlights

Drinking water (2 qts day per person)

Water to flush the toilet if you have a well. I do this all year because when that electricity goes out you have no way to flush your toilet)

Manual Can Opener

First Aid kit

Generator, Gas can


Tools: Hammer, screwdriver, anchors,

Toilet paper in a plastic bag

Fire extinguisher

Mosquito Repellant

Chainsaw (or a friend with one)

Mops, bucket

Trash bag

2 Coolers

Containers to make ice

Waterproof containers to secure documents


Other things we can do right now

Make sure your generator works

Start trimming your trees and bushes because when the storm comes there will be no one to pick up.

Determine safe evacuation routes inland.

Learn locations of official shelters.

Check emergency equipment, such as flashlights, generators and battery-powered equipment such as cell phones and your NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards receiver.

Buy food that will keep and store drinking water.

Buy plywood or other material to protect your home if you don’t already have it.

Trim trees and shrubbery so branches don’t fly into your home.

Clear clogged rain gutters and downspouts.

Decide where to move your boat.

Review your insurance policy.

Find pet-friendly hotels on your evacuation route.

The Sun-Sentinel has this awesome list generator. Answer the questions and it tells you all the supplies that you need.

Please let us know what we are missing.

Here are some suggestions from our readers. Please feel free to leave suggestions.

Donna Addler Gallon ziploc baggies to put meds or important papers in…baby wipes are great to have …small suitcase packed n ready in case you have to get out fast…

Joan Vera Two thoughts: you should emphasize preparation for x amount of days. I think I’ve heard FeMA was changing the amount from 3 to 10.

After watching the issues in PR, make sure to prepare based on your needs (medical, etc). Example: my niece has asthma and had no ways to get her asthma treatments till I sent her a car based charger. Assume the worst 

Lastly, have all your items packed together so if you have to leave you can go

Joan Vera And I’ll add in if you have any medical issue that is dependent on electricity, make plans and backup plans for cases with no power. Whether it’s diabetes, asthma, machines dependent on power, or special food. Have a plan. Many people don’t think about it and then there’s no way around getting timely help.

Laurie Beebe Keep your freezer filled by packing frozen bottles of water in any spaces; if the power goes out this will keep the contents colder longer. I also appreciated the battery-powered head lamps so you can see, read, etc without an open flame.

Marci Giorgio I buy shelf stable milk and start saving empty gallon milk, tea jugs in April for water, freeze some, recycle jugs at end of season

Shawna Pennell I like to buy a few cans of tuna, chopped chicken, and ham early because they will get wiped off the shelf quickly.

Linda Davis Thiessen Buy lots of zip lock bags when they are on sale. Fill them with water and freeze. They can fit in small spaces in the freezer. Much cheaper than buying bags of ice. If you need water take out a bag and thaw. No fighting for bottled water when the storms come.

Linda Fahey Carraway Get some battery lanterns. They give off lots of light and you don’t have to hold them.

Kris Herfel McIntosh Never throw away your solar lights after the posts have been broken. You can use them inside during a storm. Just set them outside during the day to recharge.

Liz Sherman Have plenty of Pet food and water allowance for the critters. 

Have your generator checked before the storm to be sure it’s ready. No mechanics to be found if you have a problem once the storm hits.

Matthew Yount Trim all your trees. To thin them out so the wind can go through them. A gas or charcoal grill, for OUTSIDE after the HURRICANE. And definitely lots of Alcohol. And if you live east of US1. They will probably want you to evacuate. That is the normal evacuation zone. I guess unless it cat 4 or 5 than I say by by!!!Fill your car with Plus all the above the above comments!!!









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