How Brightline Could Affect Treasure Coast Travel

Brightline, a high-speed rail service, operates a network of train stations in Florida, providing travelers with a modern and convenient way to reach their destinations. The stations are designed with passenger comfort in mind, offering a bright and airy atmosphere along with world-class amenities.

The company has been met on the Treasure Coast with mixed emotions from area residents. Regardless of your thoughts on Brightline’s presence in this region, it is sure to have a substantial impact on how locals and visitors can travel to and within the Treasure Coast.

Treasure Coast Brightline Plans

Brightline is currently exploring potential station locations on the Treasure Coast with an estimated completion date targeted for the first quarter of 2028.

This significant development was underscored by Brightline CEO Michael Reininger, who spoke of how this expansion would transform the service into one of the most accessible forms of transportation in the state.

Reininger has been vocal about the company’s intentions regarding the Treasure Coast. He has expressed that the organization would aim to develop a station on the Treasure Coast as quickly as possible although it would be “depending on the delivery of the system”.

In a legal settlement from 2018, Brightline agreed to add a stop on the Treasure Coast within five years of commencing passenger services. The company is now accepting proposals from both private and public landowners in Martin and St. Lucie counties.

Those interested in submitting proposals should ensure their submissions are received by Brightline by December 22.

The company has also not ruled out the possibility of adding more stations in the future. Ultimately, their core selling point remains a focus on providing an express service with shorter travel times, which additional stops could potentially compromise.

brightline station

Brightline Station in Miami (Phillip Pessar from Miami, USA)

Concerns of Brightline in the Area

Residents in Treasure Coast cities have expressed apprehensions surrounding Brightline. The company claimed the unenviable title of being the deadliest railroad company in the U.S., surpassing national averages by a shocking margin.

Up to the middle of 2022, Brightline trains were involved in the loss of at least 97 lives in south Florida. This alarming statistic did not account for an incident in St. Lucie County in late September, just days after Brightline expanded its service from Miami to Orlando.

The causes of most Brightline deaths were categorized as “trespassing.” Incident reports painted a grim picture of pedestrians walking onto tracks, vehicles disregarding crossing gates, bicyclists ignoring warnings, and even individuals attempting to outrun oncoming trains.

Furthermore, locals worry that the small-town character of many of our Treasure Coast cities could be diminished. Some residents are afraid that the hyper-development that has become seemingly commonplace in Miami-Dade and Broward counties is making its way here.

With traffic already a major concern for some cities on the Treasure Coast, many are hoping that any plans for Brightline will ensure that issue doesn’t worsen.

Connecting Florida’s Metro Areas

One of the primary goals of Brightline is to enable passengers to bypass the hassle of traffic and arrive quickly at the heart of Florida’s top destinations.

Travelers have various options for booking and can stay connected with complimentary WiFi, available both in-station and onboard.

Brightline currently has stations set up in major Florida cities such as Orlando, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Aventura, and Miami. With a stop on the Treasure Coast, the area could see more visitors and be able to get to metropolitan areas more easily.




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