The Honest Broker: Finding and Living “THE DREAM”

The Honest Broker: Finding and Living “THE DREAM”

The profession of real estate is primarily about the fulfillment of living the American dream.  The American dream has always been intertwined with the realization of being a home and/or business owner.  Today, more than ever before, this dream is being fulfilled for countless Americans primarily due to low interest rates and availability of business loans.

The real estate professional plays an important role in achieving this goal in many ways. First, and foremost, they work in conjunction with the buyers to initially find the properties by determining their needs and desires within the boundaries of their budgets. Then the process progresses to being shown the property, whether it is a home, commercial business property or vacant land.  At that point, their ability to guide the buyer through the benefits of each individual prospect is essential in calculating if the property is feasible for them.  The realtor provides experience and knowledge to assist the buyer in making their decision by conducting the research required and to give them as much information as possible.

Secondly, after the decision to purchase has been made, the realtor then orchestrates the negotiation process.  Having a proven negotiator in the deal is paramount for settling on price and stipulations of a sale. Obtaining that “dream” property at the right price is the prime goal for any buyer and using a professional realtor is needed to accomplish this.

Lastly, as the period leading to closing can be fraught with unexpected complications, it is important to have that experienced person (realtor) involved to prevent or mitigate as many of those complications as possible. The potential problems that arise during this time period include financial qualifying, liens on the property, environmental conditions such as; mold mitigation, newly found toxic waste on site or ground water issues that arise on inspections.

If successful throughout the process, the buyer does ultimately find and live their “American Dream”.

Stay well and Stay Healthy

Diane Lott, Broker

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