The Honest Broker: Desiring a new home?  Take your kid’s needs into consideration.

The Honest Broker: Desiring a new home?  Take your kid’s needs into consideration.

When toying with the idea of moving from your present home, it is very important to also consider the impact it will have on your children.  Sometimes there is a very narrow focus on the best location for a parent’s needs. For example, distance from work, shopping, and entertainment are just a few.  However, when children are part of the equation, there are different considerations to pursue.  In particular, these needs include parks, schools, family friendly neighborhoods, etc.

Let’s take these individually and delve into them in more detail.


What is the distance to the closest park from the neighborhood you’re considering? Can you walk to it or will you need to drive?  Is it a small tot-lot or an expansive city park with a multitude of potential for family activities; tennis, basketball, soccer or baseball fields, bar-b-que pavilions, et cetera? This will be a priority if you and your children enjoy the outside, nature and the possibilities for children’s sports activities.


If there are children under the age of 18 in the family, schools will definitely be on the top of the list for consideration.  This is so important to some families that they choose their school district first. Then, they seek their home within that district. This requires a little homework by going to the county district’s school website to check the grading of each individual school and deciding which school best fits the family’s needs.  On that website, there should be a map of the district’s boundary lines and that will narrow the neighborhood areas to meet those boundaries.


The decision for a family friendly neighborhood includes traffic. This is especially important if the family has young children.  The safety of those younger children will be in peril if the streets are highly trafficked, multiple lanes, and have higher speed limits than normal in a residential neighborhood.  The need for quieter, low- volume streets and cul-de-sacs take on a higher priority.   

Stay well and stay healthy.


Diane Lott, Broker

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