Cadaver Dogs brought in to help in search for Tricia Todd

Cadaver Dogs brought in to help in search for Tricia Todd

Investigators brought in cadaver dogs  to help them in the search for Tricia Todd. The dogs and their handlers came down from Brevard county to recheck and make sure that nothing was missed.

Cadaver dogs also were used in the search of  over 20 acres of overgrown property at the former Okeechobee School for Boys looking for remains. Cadaver Dogs are trained to locate and follow the scent of decomposing human flesh. Their job is vital to both families of the victims, and to a justice system that ofttimes needs a body to prove a crime. These dogs work both on and off leash and are trained to detect the scent of decomposition that rises from the soil, same principle as when a dog knows where he last buried his bone. They are different from search and rescue dogs who are trained to search for people who are alive.

Tricia’s family held held a press conference yesterday, thanking everyone for their efforts. They asked that anyone with information about her disappearance come forward with any information. The family’s Pastor, Wesley Holden, was the official spokesman for the family.

Police and Volunteers still searching for Tricia

Police and Volunteers still searching for Tricia

Holden said Todd’s 2-year-old daughter is being cared for in a safe environment. The Martin County Sheriff’s Office says it has no evidence yet to link anyone to Todd’s disappearance, or that a crime’s even been committed. Investigators interviewed Todd’s ex-husband at an Air Force base in North Carolina. He even voluntarily took a polygraph test which, according to the Sheriff’s Office, didn’t reveal anything to tie him to her disappearance.

Sheriff Snyder of the Martin County Sheriff’s office said if you do find something to stop in your tracks and DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING. Call the Sheriffs office.

The most central place for information is the Search for Tricia Williams Todd Facebook Page.

Friend, Family and our Community Gathers

Friend, Family and our Community Gathers

They post information everyday and have a post set up with drinks and information. Please coordinate with them and do not go on this search by yourself. They need help getting into the following gated communities. I would someone from these places will come forward and be a part of this search.

Bahia Sound
Governors Landing
Hobe Sound Golf Club
Loblolly Pines
Marina Bay
Medalist Golf Club
North Hobe Sound Shores

Today they need help to search the Gomez Area including Pecks Lake and Jimmy Graham.

Please do not go alone and proceed with caution. Make sure you go to their facebook page and watch the safety video.
After searching (using the MAP MY WALK app is the most helpful), please post your search on their Map Post (



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