Harrouff stripped down to his underwear and cut himself prior to murders

There is new information that Harrouff may have purposefully drank various chemicals while at the crime scene.
There is also new evidence may have been found in the case by a CBS12 photojournalist. A trail of blood and shorts which appear to match the shorts worn by Harrouff earlier in the evening was found about a mile away from the crime scene. It is believed that Harrouff walked nearly 3 miles to get to the Stevens’ home from the restaurant where he was last seen having dinner with his family. Along the way it’s possible he cut himself multiple times on purpose before stripping down to his underwear before the deadly attacks. The blood and shorts have been sent off for testing to see if they belong to Austin Harrouff, and the toxicology report from the FBI in Quantico is still potentially weeks away.

Many questions remain around Harrouff’s disturbing and aggressive behavior.  Investigators theorize that Austin Harrouff could have be on some type of synthetic drug similar to flakka when he attacked and killed the Stevens in their Tequesta garage.






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  • Posted 8 years ago

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