Fracking Bill Flew though Florida House took away local control

Fracking Bill Flew though Florida House
Common sense voted down

A friend of mine sent me the link to watch. You can watch it and make up your own mind. I posted on the bottom.

There were multiple amendments put out there by Minority Leader Mark Pafford, Representative Amanda Murphy and Representative Evan Jenne. All of them to protect us and keep us safe. None of them outrageous unless your someone who wants to hold on to their  golden parachute.

Why have a local government if we can’t control what goes on in our back yard? That is question. Why?

Mark Pafford asked for an explanation of the fracking process, the geology and how the process works.
He talked about Sunny Land Trend  an  area south of lake Okeechobee which is  porous limestone.  Someone’s vision. We’ve seen what happens with people’s visions around here. Canals get dug. People try to drain things. The Gulf of Mexico gets poisoned. Our Indian River lagoon is a mess.


Mark Pafford Minority Speaker of the House (and environmental expert)

Do we get help from the state? NO Has the DEP ever shown up? NO

Why in the world would you think they would show up now?

We simply cannot  trust the DEP to protect us. Don’t expect protection. We have seen this time and and time again.

So I watched the Florida House in action and afterwards I was do depressed I ate my cheesecake for supper.

Mark Pafford asking how how water will be protected and no one seemed to care. They were not even paying attention.

Another amendment by Mark Pafford amendment to keep local control. Voted down.

The  Florida League of Cities, which by the way is a group you have to pay membership to, made this deal with Representative Ray Rodrigues from Estero Beach  sold us out. Mr Rodrigues said this over and over again that the deal was made with them. So be sure to check out their membership. I’m sure you will see some familiar faces.

Home Rule was not adopted. Screw you Floridians

Every and any amendment  that would have protected us was voted down by the Florida House

They do not want to test the water. They don’t want to keep the chemicals safe in case of a storm. They voted down protections for unborn babies. Apparently the dollars is more important that the lives they claim they want to protect. Not pro life at all. Hypocrites. There were all kinds of studies with shale gas emissions from Princeton, Columbia, MIT that talked about low birth rates.

Representative Amanda Murphy

Rep. Amanda Murphy

All issues of public health voted down. Who care’s about our health? or our medical bills after they poison us. They don’t care because they have done everything they possibly can to make sure we don’t health insurance (PS Obamacare would cost less if Florida participated)

Cancer causing substances are being used” “dangerous levels of benzenes.” Rep Jenne begging for an amendment to protect people from cancer. begging. I’m was in a puddle of tears. He begged  ” Please don’t inject cancer into the soil.  Keep the carcinogens out of the state of Florida.”  Benzene is a toxic chemical byproduct of a natural gas drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing. Voted down

Here. Lets do a little Benzene show and tell with my friend the grim reaper.

Grim Reaper explains Benzene

Grim Reaper explains Benzene


Thank you Reps Mark Pafford, Murphy and Jenne for fighting so hard for us.

We better hope our senators have better sense.

Video Link to House of Representatives talking about Fracking
Fracking discussion begins at around 27:00 on the timecode)

Here are some things that you can do:
Take action and tell the Florida Legislature to reject HB 191 and SB 318. Communities should be able to protect their land and water from fracking.

Hydraulic fracturing, commonly referred to as fracking, is the use of sand, water, and chemicals, injected at incredibly high pressures, to blast open rock deep beneath the surface of the earth to release trapped oil and gas. This process is devastating communities across the country, and now the oil and gas industry has its sights set on Florida, particularly fields in the panhandle and just west of the Everglades.

Floridians have spoken out against fracking before and stopped legislation that would deny the public’s right to know the details of the chemical mix that is pumped into the ground during the fracking process for two years in a row. Nonetheless, Big Oil isn’t going to give up so easily. This year’s bills would not only stop proposed bans going forward, but be retroactive and eliminate bans already in place.
Regardless of anyone’s particular views on the needs or dangers of fracking, everyone should agree that local communities have the right to make their own decisions about strengthening water protections. Cities and counties shouldn’t be prevented from protecting their citizens from the dangerous practice of fracking as they see fit.

Fracking action in FL: next Senate hearing: Appropriations Committee: CALL Senator Lee to ask him to NOT put SB 318 onto the agenda….
“Senator Tom Lee is the chair of the next committee that could vote on pro-fracking legislation. Please ask Senator Lee’s office to reject bringing up SB 318, the weak pro-fracking bill and instead ask that he take a st

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