Fort Pierce Police Officer Saves Life Of Choking Infant

Fort Pierce Police Officer Saves Life Of Choking Infant

Fort Pierce, Fl- For 6-day-old baby Alybree-Dejeus Cerda, not making it to the emergency room when she was choking may have saved her life, according to the Fort Pierce Police Department.

When Alybree stopped breathing Nov. 15, the infant’s frantic parents Alex A. Rocha-Cerda and Stephania Quivoga got into their car to drive her to the hospital. But Fort Pierce police officer Jorge Goz knew time was running out. The child’s lips had turned blue and she wasn’t making a sound, police said. Realizing he could reach the family before they got to the ER, Goz told 911 dispatchers to have the couple pull over at Okeechobee and Jenkins roads so he could attempt first aid. He rushed into the vehicle, took Alybree in his arms and delivered back thrusts, which led the baby to cough up an object that was blocking her airway. She began to gasp for air and cry, and after an overnight stay at the hospital for observation, has returned home in time for her first Thanksgiving, according to police.”This incident hit very close to home for me because I have a 5-year-old daughter,” Goz said in an agency new release. “If something like this ever happens in my family, I hope someone will be able to help out.”

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